Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr. Herbivore's Birthday

Before I begin, I don't remember....have you met Sassy yet? Here she is with her human sister. She has lived with us for a year and 3 months, and she's still scared of pretty much everything and everybody - except us. She is a Basset Hound, and she is one long dog.
My name is Sassy & I'm a scaredy dog. Don't love me, I'll run!
Anyway, traditions! We have a few of our own a vacation anywhere sunny during the first three months of the year to escape the rain...walks with the dog on Christmas day, bike rides whenever we can, but always to Proper Eats on our day off in the summertime...AND....double decker veggie burgers on Josh's birthday. Why? I don't remember, but dang if it isn't fun! This year, only Josh doubled it, but that's because I was too cheap to buy two boxes of burgers. I know, I'm a goof.

This is Ruby's burger! She never liked veggie burgers until this week!
 We used the new buns from Dave's Killer Bread, because they are the most delicious buns in the world. Buns! I love buns. And we got them at Foodfight, naturally. Also, I'd like some homemade fries with that burger, please.

We like potatoes at our house. Just tossed in oil, garlic, pepper, salt & baked to perfection.
Here I am, tossing the taters. Only one flew out!
This made the burger....melted Teese cheddar. This stuff is delicious!
Here's Ruby's whole plate. She at half her burger, all her salad, and two fries. The rest of her burger went in her school lunch the next day. She was stoked!

Though the salad was green leaf, and not her favorite (Mache) she ate it all. Yay!
And finally - dessert. Something small but yummy....vanilla Coconut Bliss with a butterscotch chocolate chip cookie from Sweetpea. I put the cookie in the still warm oven and it was supremely delish with the vegan ice cream.

This cookie is ridiculously good. Seriously. Go get one.
It was a very happy birthday for my man. Happy birthday Josh! xoxoxo

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  1. Mmm, yummy birthday eats. I really love the Coconut Bliss ice cream.