Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Vegans Make me Smile

Last week I had the pleasure of talking with a woman about her family going vegan. She has a husband and two little people. We found a book to make the transition to easier for her foodwise, something simple to replace the basics she'd been making for years. I sat down and read the book that she got, finally - because I hadn't. And it is really good and super helpful. So much information is covered quickly and with an ease and style that is readable, nonjudgmental, but so very vegan. The author is Alex Jamieson, famous (at least to me!) for repairing Morgan Spurlock and nursing him back to health after he ruined himself making the documentary Super Size Me.

I don't like the word dummie, but I really like this book.
Anyway, I absolutely love talking with fired up new vegans! Lucky me that I've done this so many times - but it is always so damn awesome to connect with a person who has recently had that "aha!" moment and seen that much of what she thought was healthy and good, was actually making her family sick. What she thought was simple and true (milk is good for you!) was actually complicated and deceitful, and she was TICCED OFF! It was great because she took that energy, convinced her husband to go vegan, and completely switched her family overnight. I teared up talking with her. Part of her vegan education was seeing Forks Over Knives, which will be coming out soon. People. I implore you. Take a friend to see that movie. It could literally save their life, not to mention how many animals it could save if they stopped eating them!

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