Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi! Thought you might like to see a school lunch I'm really proud of from last week. Right now we're using up a lot of the ingredients in the kitchen, since we are soon to be taking summer break. There was enough quinoa on hand to use as a main dish, and I made a citrus dressing with some orange juice and olive oil.

Quinoa salad with pear, golden raisins & walnuts, roasted red pepper hummus, mixed greens, Dave's Killer Bread

The kids LOVE fruit, any kind of fruit, and they always eat all the salad! After my heart, they are....

Ready to serve!!
We bought these greens, but Trillium also has a garden program that needs saving, too, so we're starting to figure out to make the garden program be our supplier, and how to make the garden program make money to support itself. Getting involved in a school you love is dangerous...there is always more work to be done, help that is needed, etc. It's okay, gardening and plant foods for kids are activities I can get behind!

Another simple salad. This one just had tomato & sunflower seeds.
It's funny - the days I am at the school I'm rushing to get the lunch prepped and everything under control so I can dash out and get to work, and I wind up leaving hungry. Of course. Just made food for about 100 other people and I'm famished!! So I whipped up some edamame "hummus" (from La Dolce Vegan) when I got home, toasted up some Dave's Killer Bread and cut up some cukes. This hummus is not really hummus, because hummus is by definition made with garbanzos, but now everything is called hummus when it's a bean puree. But really, who cares? This version is made with edamame, spinach, tahini and some other stuff, but it's so fresh and vibrant it is addictive. We also spread it on corn on the cob the other night, like we do with pesto, and it was AMAZING.

My lunch. Edamame hummus, Dave's Bread & Cukes.
Yeah. My table has a bird on it. This is Portland, put a bird on it!


  1. Yay, put a bird on it! :) I think it's great that you're so involved with the school lunch program. If we want to see change, many times it means we have to create it.

  2. Me likey this site...especially the "pie hole" title.