Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest Post: I Want Candy. by Ruby

"Can I have one more of those suckers? Please mom? One more? If I clean up this paint, can I have one? Three? I want three more. Please? Please, mom! Mom? Please can I have more? DON'T GIVE THEM AWAY!!! NO! PLEASE MOM NO!!!"

Good grief. The biggest mistake I made this holiday season was becoming inspired to make caramel. I will NEVER again make this mistake, as it resulted in my daughter becoming OBSESSED with candy!

When I say candy, I mean caramel...

And chocolate covered caramels. And chocolate with peanut butter!

We made little candies to give to friends.

It was really so very easy - all it took was a candy thermometer and some elbow grease to stir. I had visions of making several batches, but once the child got a taste of this stuff, she couldn't think of anything else. It was one of those times that make a parent wonder about what really goes on in a kid's mind. If you ask ten million times, for one more candy, maybe on the ten millionth mom (or dad) might say yes? That must be the strategy. But I couldn't let her eat them all, because the whole point was to give them away! So I tried gave them away as fast as I could - believe me. And then we acted like the whole thing never happened.....
The recipe I used was one from Sweetpea Baking Company so I can't really share - but if you google the phrase vegan caramel, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! I will chime in that brown rice syrup is probably a better ingredient than corn syrup in any caramel recipe, though. And use a pan that is wider than it is deep -- your caramel will heat up much quicker. This was so easy and obviously, really good.

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