Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everybody Say Knish

I may not love a parade, but I love a knish. Why do knishes inspire me to say bizarre things? I don't know and honestly I don't care. I LOVE A KNISH! My favorite knish line is "knish me deadly." You know, like the song by Lita Ford. And like Lita sings, a knish ain't no big thing.
So cute & round & with yummy insides.

A golf ball sized dough ball is enough to cradle what your knish loving heart desires.

It all begins with potatoes, whipped potatoes to be exact. I am never one for peeling vegetables, but for a knish, you must. Then you mix your cooked whipped potatoes with some flour (I only use white whole wheat) and some spices....thyme, garlic powder, the basics....and you make a dough.

Just fold those sides over and play patty cake with the disc. I'm not kidding!
What to put inside? Classics are mushrooms and onions. Or spinach. I believe some folks put cheese in but I've never done that. I like the knish as a vehicle for greens and such to get into my daughter. She'll eat anything when it's in a knish. Can you blame her? So this time, it's got onions, garlic, mushrooms, spinach and seitan. I know! Chock full of love.

I tried one as a square but it didn't make a difference. It still wound up round!
Once you have all your knishes made you just bake them for 25 minutes and make a salad to go with for dinner. Or, you just watch an episode of Diego! with your kid, do some laundry, or play fetch with the dog. You can always do the dishes if you're really inspired.

I used my silpat baking mat but parchment is nice too. These can be low-fat for sure!
I like to bake them until they get this crispy on the bottom.
I'm working on "my" recipe for these - but FYI, I am adapting one from this book. I really like this book, but the name is pretty insulting. Yes! I actually WILL believe good food is vegan. But hey, it's a good book.
I also want to make some knishes with sweet potatoes, because those are even more wonderful than yukon golds and better for you, too. I will post recipes soon....I still owe you the chickpea pancake recipe and now this one. I won't forget, promise!
Finally, if you can think of a good knish pun, leave it in the comments. I would love that.


  1. Hugs and knishes to you and the family xoxo

  2. oooohhhhh I've never had a knish, those look yummy!!

  3. "A knish is still a knish, a sigh is still a sigh..." <3

  4. I *need* that recipe if they taste as good as they look. Nom.

  5. Yummo!! I am so making these these this weekened!

  6. Those look delicious! .. and I chuckled at the Lita Ford reference.. now I'll have her music stuck in my brain all day!