Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ruby's Mango "Ice Cream"

Every summer I make a pilgramage to the midwest to see my folks, and my daughter gets her fill of ice cream, sweets, skittles (never should have told my mom they are vegan) popsicles, etc. You name it, if it's vegan and has sugar, then Oma has it. This is my mother, who once bought me a five pound bag of gummie bears when I told her it was my favorite candy. Crazy! In her loving mind, she is insuring that Ruby won't be "deprived" of sweets, since her veganism means she's "deprived" of so many other things my mom thinks she should have....but that's a posting for another day.

So we live it up having ice cream every day and I shelve the word NO for the duration of our trip. But then we come back to our real life, the one that doesn't have 10 kinds of ice cream in the fridge. And I must wean the child off the sugar....and that's tough when she asks for it 50 times a day. Why do kids ask so many times?

This summer we created the perfect "treat" to replace the soy delicious, the coconut bliss, etc. We call it mango ice cream, and it's mangos and rice milk blended as thick as we can make it. Woo! Ice Cream! Sometimes we even throw in papaya or pineapple. As long as it's sweet, nobody complains. Sure to cure a boo boo or a sudden need for a treat. And thankfully, she has not mentioned that her mango ice cream closely resembles a smoothie....let's hope she doesn't wise up.

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