Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What our Bird eats for lunch

If I ask Ruby what she wants to eat, she'll likely answer one of two things; yogurt or a "roll up." What is a roll up you ask? THIS is a roll up.
Wheat tortilla, avocado, tofutti cream cheese (non-hydro), mache, carrots, 2 tofurky slices. Rolled up!
 I'm not sure when it started, but this child will eat just about anything if it's rolled up in a tortilla. In particular, though, this combination is her absolute favorite. I'm happy to make it for her lunch because it's got whole grains, veggies and good protein. She'll have fruit too, and maybe some sweet potato, peas & corn, or broccoli. Sweet potato is another favorite of hers, and she'll eat the other veggies about half the time...

Her school cafeteria is mostly vegetarian. I thought that all the meals were vegetarian but I did see "tuna salad" on the menu a few weeks back. (Obviously they need a refresher about fish not being vegetables) And sadly, there is dairy lurking in lots of the meals, whether it's some butter in the bread or eggs or what have you. Otherwise, there are lots of good choices, and I've seen some good looking salad greens come on the plates the kids get. But being that Ruby is just in kindergarten, we are slowly getting involved....and the on-site kitchen, with the food made right there every day, with items grown in the school garden make me REALLY want to get involved! And that "mostly" veg menu can easily be more vegan friendly. Right? Yes! I've emailed the in charge person, and look forward to hearing back. Regardless, I make her lunch everyday. I like to.
Here's her tiffin, clearly marked. Josh stenciled the bird on our thrift store table. Nice, huh?
It's funny, even though there are lots of books on lunches and I know tons of folks blog about it all the time, it's tough to come up with new stuff 5 days a week!


  1. Such a lucky Bird to have good, homemade lunches to eat! I'm looking forward to any updates you have on the vegan progress of the school cafeteria.

  2. Michelle,
    I come to your blog by way of Kiersten Short's FB status from a few days ago. I've got to say that your posts are beginning to "help me see the light" regarding food that me and my family eat. I have not stopped thinking about the wrap in this post since I read it yesterday. I now have tofutti and tofurky on my shopping list and look forward to trying this for lunch myself.. and now I want one of those tiffin's too! :)

  3. I love that tin, where can I get one?