Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving all month, please.

Jeepers, people. I could eat stuffing EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. With gravy, please. Something green on the plate, of course, because that's how I eat.
We had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday here at casa de Herbivore, sharing it with friends and adorable girl children doing cute stuff. Sassy the scared basset even warmed up to friends within 12 hours, which is a record for her. She warmed up so much she attacked the chocolate creme pie that was being refrigerated outdoors...no worries, she only knocked it down. We saved it from her short dog grasp!

Let me show you how much fun we had, and more importantly, what we ATE.

Stuffed roast seitan, green beans, potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, Sweetpea rolls, gravy to come....

A curtsey for you, from the art fairy littly lady!

One of the seitan roasts, rolls, beans, potatoes, stuffing...

Oh! The reveal! And the verdict was...delicious.

The non-traditional chocolate creme pie...and a shoefly pie from Sweetpea Baking Co.

Action shot of the stuffed seitan roast being stuffed!
There were also roasted roots, broccoli salad with almond dressing, orange cranberry sauce, seitan en croute, and mushroom gravy. The leftovers didn't last long enough! Long live vegan Thanksgiving!


  1. seriously, it was so good. i want to eat that plate of food all over again, and again, and again. mmmmmmmm

  2. I will have to try that seitan stuffing technique. Did you just bake and baste?

    Great post! I recognize both those small young ladies! <3

  3. me too... been dreaming of puff pastry and sweetpea dinner rolls!